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73856 k55 k55 kWelcome to Wikipedia (Bookshelf)/de
2530 k29 k29 kWelcome to Wikipedia (Bookshelf)/fr
1428 k28 k28 kWelcome to Wikipedia (Bookshelf)/pt
41513 k27 k23 kIntroduction to free licenses (Bookshelf)
43210 k32 k10 kEvaluating Wikipedia article quality (Bookshelf)
11110 k10 k9.8 kWikipedia as a Teaching Tool/Learning Objectives and Assignments Types
339-9.3 k14 k22 kWikipedia for Marketing Communications Professionals (Bookshelf)
187.9 k7.7 k7.7 kWikipedia as a Teaching Tool/Introduction
235.8 k5.8 k5.7 kVerifiability and Neutral point of view (Transcript, bn)
1225.4 k37 k17 kWikipedia for Journalists (Bookshelf)
4224.4 k4.8 k11 kLocalization guidelines (Bookshelf)
31713.7 k3.7 k3.6 kPrinceton
9162.7 k3.1 k6.7 kBookshelf/Wikipedia
1102.7 k2.6 k2.6 kWikipedia as a Teaching Tool/Grading Rubrics
11-2.5 k2.5 k26Wiki X
162.2 k2.2 k2.1 kWikipedia as a Teaching Tool/Basics of Editing
13301.4 k2.5 k1.4 kWikipedia 10
12211.3 k1.4 k17 kAccount Creation Improvement Project
111-5235237.5 kMain Page/en
374884882.5 kTranslations and Localization (Bookshelf)
114764765.6 kChapters' Activity Calendar/Archive
224164162.1 kUsing Wikipedia in secondary education
33-38749526Wiki X planned events
13242242242Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool/Resources for Teaching with Wikipedia
222372371.6 kMichigan Wikipedians
11208208208Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool/Interacting with the Community
4420420427 kWelcome to Wikipedia (Bookshelf)
122002001.6 kInstructional videos
1112112123 kUsing Wikipedia (Bookshelf)
1199993.5 kVerifiability and Neutral point of view (Bookshelf)
226868188James Madison University Wikipedians
11626262Using Wikipedia (Bookshelf)/Short version
1259597.2 kEditorial guidelines (Bookshelf)
1158584.3 kBookshelf Project
1143434.6 kBest practices in hosting an IRC open meeting
1238405 kWikipedia Campus Ambassador Handbook
13363614 kLife of an Article (Celilo Falls)
13363614 kLife of an article (Celilo Falls)
1133333.6 kWikipedia Ambassador Principles
11323233 kBookshelf content review
1132322.7 kBookshelf project process
11323210 kCharacter dialogs (Bookshelf)
11-313132Evolution of an Article
11-313137Student Organizations
1112123.9 kAnatomy of an Article Poster (Bookshelf)
11222 kPersonae on Wikipedia
121392Bookshelf 10 ways to contribute
11112.7 kBest practices
22101 k12 kPublic Policy Initiative
11007.5 kUsing Wikipedia as a teaching tool in higher education (Bookshelf)
11003.4 kEvolution of an article (Muhammad al-Durrah incident)
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